DIY Craft: Spooky Halloween Lights

Here is an EASY Halloween craft that is super fun for the kids (and messy!)

You will need the following:

    • orange/white tissue paper (or get green and make some Frankenstein luminaries)

mod podge

glass jars/cloches

paint brush


black cardstock

tea light candle/battery operated candle ( I recommend battery operated…it’s safer)

Cut tissue paper into 2-inch strips.

If you are using larger glass make them thicker.

For small glass make then thinner. (duh.)

I let Marshall try to cut.

He couldn’t do it without his tongue hanging out.

Or his left hand becoming an imaginary pair of scissors too! 🙂

Don’t cut your mama, Marshall!

Coat your glass with mod podge.

Layer your glass with tissue paper.

Use mod podge between each layer.

I did 3 for this project.

M is still working hard!

You might like to do your luminaries a different way…but I do mine upside down. I don’t like the tops to look messy.

Before the top coat of mod podge dries cut out eyes & mouth with the cardstock. Position them onto the top and coat again.

Let them dry for about 2 hours.

Insert candle. Enjoy!

I would call this my mini tablescape…but it is on top of my deep freezer…so here is my Halloween freezer-scape…which was relocated after the crafting photo shoot!

Happy Halloween!

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